Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Comment Spam from Paramount Defenses

For those of you who know joe, perhaps you remember his past comments on Sanjay and Paramount Defenses.

Earlier today I answered an Active Dir question about how to tell when a machine was domain-joined by pointing the poster to my previous write-up on the domain-join process.  To be able to get the URL for my response, I opened the topic on my blog, which showed me the comments that had been added.  Imagine my surprise when I see a comment from someone named JM from a month ago.  It start with “Thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts and suggestions - very cool and helpful indeed.” (you couldn’t write a more generic opening if you tried) and then launches into a four paragraph sales pitch for GF.

I’m sorry, but my blog is not a spot for Sanjay and his friends to try and peddle their wares when they don’t have the ability or skill to do it on their own without latching on to me via comment spam.

Here’s the screen-shot of their intrusion before I whacked it.


Actions like this make it easy to see exactly what kind of company and product they really have.